Here are some pictures of drum making workshops.  Some are in  my home and some (mostly the ones with more than one participant) are in various venues around Devon and Oxfordshire.  I'm happy to bring my Travelling Drum Making Circus to wherever you are - even if you are neither in Devon nor Oxfordshire.

 Morgan Le Mew insisted on being part of this rattle making, still sitting on the board even when Angharad was banging the punch through the hide!


Saturday 4th October, Nr Ashburton
10 am - 4pm
The Shaman & The World Tree
During this workshop you will be taught the basics of Shamanic Journeying and then invited on an otherworld adventure exploring our relationship with, and mapping the locations within, The World Tree.

Teacher - Suzi Crockford (
Location - A large comfortable yurt in the woods near the River Dart, not far from Ashburton. Cost - £75
Please bring lunch to share.  There will be tea, coffee and snacks provided.   Please wear clothes suitable for walking outdoors in all weathers.  We will be taking a 15 minute walk down to the river and the woods during the afternoon.
For more information or to book a place please contact Suzi on 01647 277164 or e-mail

I would love to be able to give an image credit but can't find any reference to the artist on Google images.

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